• One with No Name

    24 Feb 2020 by

    I am Back? Maybe. Have gone through a lot in the past few months. Things are coming back to normal now, hence will try to be regular again. Meanwhile a piece to illustrate the same. Critique is welcome.

  • Hell

    1 Oct 2019 by

    What is better being tortured by your own blood or being in hell? comment your answers.

  • The Grave

    28 Sep 2019 by

    There is a graveyard. In the corner of my heart, Therein lies the corpses. The corpses of everything and Everyone whom I loved. Corpses of those who were once a part of my life, But now have ‘moved on’. Dead remains of the time which I loved. Herein lie those, Who haven’t made that promised… Read more

  • The Rise….

    23 Sep 2019 by

    Part 2. The rise after the fall. Please read Part 1 (the cry) for better understanding.

  • Broken

    21 Sep 2019 by

    Loosing a beloved to the only constant of life is the hardest thing to cope up with. How does one feel at that time? What he repents upon and what tries to recall?

  • यादों के झरोखे

    27 Jul 2019 by

    आज मैं बैठे -बैठे सोच रहा था, सोचते -सोचते सोच बदल गई । कुछ ज़रूरी बातें याद आ गईं, बातों के साथ अपनों की याद भी आ गई। परदेश जाकर महनत करने की चाहत थी, पर बीच में उनकी याद भी आएगी ये उम्मीद न थी। सोचा था होगा सब वैसे ही होता था जैसे… Read more

  • Growing Up

    26 Jul 2019 by

    I remember the days, When life was not shitty as it is now. I remember the smile on that shining face, So real and pure, Nothing fake as it is now. My dad used be my hero, What he said was true, No gap between us, At the end of the day, There were so… Read more

  • Thank You

    16 Jul 2019 by

    I was writing. The response was great. Friends rallied around me, But something was amiss. When I looked back, Reviewed what I wrote, Discovered that every post was a taunt, And full of sadness and painful quotes. I knew there was something inside me, Something that I didn’t knew. Then I tried to change, Become… Read more

  • The Tables Had Turned

    14 Jul 2019 by

    There was a girl. And the thing was that I fell for her, Nothing big. But see the problem was, That I, was the only one who fell, I became her wishing well. The thing is love makes you blind, Really it does. Especially when its for the first time. You travel too far for… Read more

  • Help me with my writer’s block

    11 Jul 2019 by

    Hey there mate! I want your thoughts, I want your eyes. Because this old vision of mine Is not helping me to see through this fog. The strength of your words may knock down this wall The wall that holds me back, The wall between my minds and hands. Oh dearie! Help my thought to… Read more

  • The Sin

    6 Dec 2019 by

    Late but still prevelant….

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